A Canadian Rockies Youth Summit Partner

Mindfulness in Today’s Climate

By Sarah Dunbar Hearing all this news on climate change can be very stressful. Whether it’s news articles or conversations...

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The Environmental Youth Take Action Retreat

For the past year and a half, all meetings and retreats hosted by the Canadian Rockies Youth Summit have been...

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Garyn Guidi- Discovering the Power of Solar Energy

Above: The Career and Technology Centres Solar Panels. My name is Garyn Guidi, and I am a Grade 10 student...

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NATURE BREAK - Fresh Air and Flexibility

National Parks, Law, and Indigenous People

Coal Mines, Mountains, and The Old Man Watershed

Walk for Your Workshed

WRITERS CHAT: The Fine Art of Connection: Respecting Beauty in the Canadian Rockies

CRYS 2021 | Panel Presentation "ITS A HOT TOPIC: Climate Change & The Canadian Rockies"

CRYS 2021 | COWBOY SMITHX - Keynote Speaker!

CRYS 2021 | Outdoor Workshop - "Trees and Climate Change" Citizen Science with Inside Education

CRYS 2021 | Closing Remarks


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