Mindfulness in Today’s Climate

By Sarah Dunbar

School Strike 4 Climate - Free photo on Pixabay

Hearing all this news on climate change can be very stressful. Whether it’s news articles or conversations with friends or family, news involving the future of the planet can be intense and hard to hear. Good news among bad news is always a relief and helps with anxiety. However, good news is not as common. The bad news can be overwhelming, and overbearing, especially among youth. Pressure is rising among young people, who have a whole life to live on a planet that is changing for the worst. As a result, people feel climate anxiety. Climate anxiety is worry and stress on the state of the environment and how it affects the prosperity of the future. So how can this stress be eased? How can youth be excited about the future?

Finding inspiration with little actions can not only help the climate, but also comfort the unease of anxiety. For example, composting helps decrease the large amounts of waste that goes into landfills each day. A minuscule action that in the grand scheme of things, makes a big difference. If there is a news article describing the plastic pollution of the ocean, cut back on your single-use plastics. Find peace with the small actions you can take, and it could make all the difference.

Making a difference in your community will help with your climate anxiety. Start small and stay consistent. Make choices that will contend with the bad news that comes out each day. “Think Globally, Act Locally,” a common phrase, but true. If it’s overwhelming to look at the news, simply look out your window.

The Take Action Blog is an outlook on projects other youth have taken on to do their part. Big or small, they found a niche, something that they had a passion for, and they used their passion to make a difference. The Blog shares other youth’s perspectives on climate change, and what they have found to influence their future. Climate change is no doubt the crisis of this generation, but it can be resolved through unification, and sustainable communities. I encourage you to find peace in the minuscule actions of your everyday life. It may seem like too small of an act in a world where problems are limitless, but nothing is achieved without effort. If everyone chips in a little, there might be some more good news.

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