Getting youth involved in asking the government to take Climate Action

A EYA Postcard Campaign that incentivizes the Alberta government to subsidize electric cars.

Photo taken by Thomas’s mentor:  Will Gadd

As we come to the end of one of the hottest summers on record in Canada, climate change is becoming more obvious than ever. Yet the rate of electric car purchases are moderate in comparison to the intense symptoms of climate change. With more weather related natural disasters than ever, the need for drastic changes in society has never been more relevant. Whether it be the raging wildfires or record heat waves, climate change will affect an individual’s way of life. One effective change is to reduce the number of gas powered cars by replacing them with electric or hybrid cars. The Alberta government must increase incentives for electric and hybrid car purchases as one way to slow the progression of climate change.

Electric and hybrid cars are not a popular option when Canadians are choosing a new vehicle because of the sizeable difference in prices compared to gas cars. The gap in prices must be reduced in order to make electric and hybrid cars a viable option when Canadians are purchasing a car. Student, Thomas Moloney, is creating an action project that aims to increase electric and hybrid car sales in Canada. For his project, he will be creating a postcard writing campaign encouraging Albertans to ask the provincial government for better economic support for zero and reduced emissions cars. Thomas hopes his project will increase subsidies, the number of charging stations in Canada and help in the elimination of carbon emissions from cars.

(above) Tesla’s next-generation all-electric hyper-car, The Roadster.

Cars are a fundamental part of most Canadians lives and livelihoods and possibly even part of our identity. Asking Canadians to stop driving is unrealistic, but Thomas believes that by increasing the affordability of electric and hybrid cars more Canadians will choose or consider these vehicles. Please consider joining Thomas in his letter writing campaign to continue the fight against climate change and help keep our Canadian spaces beautiful and healthy. 

Resources to start your own letter writing campaign:

  1. CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) Guide to Letter Writing 
  2. Find my MLA  (CLICK HERE), MP: (Click Here)

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