Garyn Guidi- Discovering the Power of Solar Energy

Above: The Career and Technology Centres Solar Panels.

My name is Garyn Guidi, and I am a Grade 10 student attending Central Memorial High School. As a young student I can often feel helpless towards climate change, but my goal is to influence others using facts and statistics to create change for the better. I find passion in researching alternative energy, and how it can help address the issues of climate change in addition to creating economic benefits. 

I have started working on a project to understand the efficiency and economic benefits of Central Memorial’s solar panels. Solar panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity and/or heating. In order to complete this project I need data from our solar panel system, but I haven’t been able to get that information yet. As an alternative, I’m looking at our solar system in our other building (the Career and Technology Centre). The CT Centre doesn’t have as many solar panels as Central Memorial’s building. However, it gives me an idea of what Central Memorial is producing versus the amount of energy it uses. When I get the information I also have to take into account that we’ve only had this solar panel system for just over a year. Due to this, I have to calculate how much it will be saving in the future, and if it’s possible to expand how many panels we have. 

I really want to make the data on our solar panel systems more public and easily accessible. My hope is that with the information gathered, we can potentially get more polar panels or other forms of renewable energy. Maybe it could also help encourage other schools to purchase their own solar panels as well. 

I love this kind of work and whenever I work on it I am so excited and thrilled that I can make a difference. It is nice that I found my passion and my call to action but I recognize that some people haven’t yet. I encourage you to go and find your call to action to help and save our environment for us and future generations.

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